HOW TO: Ensure a SQL Agent Job Exists on an Instance

Ensuring a SQL Agent job exists on a SQL Server instance may be an important configuration requirement for your SQL Server environment.  This may be necessary to validate some standard administration jobs are deployed etc.

To configure RockSolid to check for the deployment of SQL Agent jobs please perform the following steps:

Navigate to the relevant level in the instance hierarchy.  For instance specific jobs this would be at the instance level, for jobs relevant to multiple instances this would be at the group, site or service provider level.

  • Navigate to the Policy tab
  • Navigate to the Instance Settings Sub tab
  • Scroll unity you find the Instance Job Analysis section
  • Enable "Ensure SQL Agent Job Exists" option
  • Add the names of the instance jobs you wish to validate to the list within this section

Once completed RockSolid will analyse job deployments and find occurrences when named jobs do not exist.  The corresponding "SQL Agent Job Missing" event (if raising events is enabled) and "Deploy SQL Agent Job" service request (if raising service requests is enabled) will be raised for instances that do not contain the jobs.


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