CONCEPT: RockSolid Application Database Compression

For customers who have implemented the RockSolid application database's on SQL Sever Enterprise Edition, significant benefit can be obtained by compressing all RockSolid application databases, excluding the DataImport database.  Typically customers will see a reduction in storage requirements by 70-80% as well as an improved throughput for application analytical and reporting queries.  

In all cases where RockSolid is deployed on SQL Server Enterprise Edition our recommendation is to compress all database tables and indexes using PAGE level compression.  Attached is a script customers can execute to compress all such databases objects.

NOTE: Due to the concurrency of the RockSolid application processing data imports, execution of this script may take a significant amount of time.

NOTE: The script is designed to be re-runnable.  If the script fails during execution due to deadlocking issues you can simple re-execute and only non-compressed objects will be rebuilt.  Occurrences of deadlocks can be reduced by stopping the RockSolid services during execution (application outage).


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