Monitoring RockSolidAgent operations

You can monitor the status of a RockSolidAgent via the RockSolid console.  To begin, please login as a RockSolid user with Database Administrator or higher privileges.

The status of a RockSolidAgent can be view by going to Sites -> RockSolidAgents. From this screen scroll down to the relevant agent.

This status of the RockSolidAgent is shown, specifically:

Is the RockSolidAgent online via the icon. Red=online, Gray=offline

  • The version of the RocKSolidAgent software
  • The number of instances being monitored
  • The last date/time when an update was received from this agent
  • The last date/time when this RockSolidAgent service was started

Under normal monitoring circumstances, agents should be online and have Last Upload date/time of within a few minutes (depending on monitoring configuration).


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