HOW TO: Enable RockSolid Automated Index Maintenance

RockSolid will either do Online (non-blocking) or Offline (blocking) database index maintenance depending on how you configure the database index maintenance window. For reference, the definitions of each of these modes is as follows:

  • Offline – Traditional database index Rebuild (ALTER INDEX with the REBUILD option)
  • Online – Either an online index rebuild, if configured and supported, or a database index reorganize.

Defining the Index Rebuild Window
As part of your RockSolid configuration you must define an appropriate index maintenance window before index maintenance can occur. You have two options available, either Offline index rebuild or Online index rebuilds. Each of these window types can support several different approaches to index maintenance depending on how you configure your database settings policy hierarchy.

  • Offline Index Maintenance Window – Can deploy index rebuilds, online index rebuild and index reorganizes, depending on policy configuration
  • Online Index Maintenance Window – Can deploy online index rebuild and index reorganizes, depending on policy configuration

If you wish to restrict the index maintenance window to only the deployment of online (non-blocking) index maintenance commands you should specify the Online Index Maintenance window in your calendar configuration. If you wish to select from any of the index maintenance methods, including the use of REBUILD’s then you should choose the Offline Index Maintenance window type.

Defining the Database Policy Settings
Once the index maintenance window has allocated, you can configure RockSolid to undertake automated database index maintenance via the database policy hierarchy. To do this do into the relevant database bucket or database configuration. View the policy via the Settings tab.

  • Choose the Automation tab within the database policy settings
  • Set “Auto Index Maintenance” to On

Now you can choose the available index options, being:

  • Rebuild (can only be used during Offline Rebuild Windows)
  • Online Rebuild
  • Defrag

For each index RockSolid will use a precedence hierarchy for determining the appropriate rebuild method for each index, being:

  1. If an offline index rebuild window and offline rebuilds are allowed the REBUILD the index
  2. If an online index rebuild window, and online rebuilds are allowed and online rebuilds are supported then ONLINE REBUILD the index.
  3. If defrag is enable REOGRANISE the index
  4. Otherwise record fragmentation and update index statistics only (if configuration does not allow any rebuild to occur).
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