SETTING: Monitor SQL Server Error Logs

This setting instructs RockSolid to monitor the SQL Server error log and SQL Server Agent error logs.  To monitor RockSolid will, on a polling basis, inspect the SQL Server error log collecting all new events since the last poll cycle.  All new events will be sent to the RockSolid application server.  Errors indicating issue and failure can be raised as events and service requests if these settings are also configured.

It should be noted that monitoring SQL Server error logs can increase the impact of RockSolid monitoring and will increase upload traffic.  However, this option should be enabled for most monitoring scenarios including any where RockSolid is providing monitoring and alerting for production systems.

To reduce the impact of monitoring the SQL Server error log on systems with large amounts of logging, you should use RockSolid to automatically roll over the error log files once they reach a specified size.

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